Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jill Tracy: Haunted by the Thought of You

I lock the door and I check it twice
Before I climb the stairs
I see you lurking down below
Underneath the streetlight's glare
Your footsteps approaching
A shadow cloaks the room
I revel in this nightmare
But I keep waking up too soon...

'Cause over and over again
I keep imagining
And over and over again
I fear it's true
Over and over again
Am I still haunted
Haunted by the thought of you

Your dark eyes peering
Through the wallpaper's design
You live in all the constellations
Or have I lost my mind
In the bottom of a bottle
Reflected in a spoon
I feel you right behing me
But did I just turn around to soon...

Do you believe in Destiny ?
Or are you merely testing me ?

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