Saturday, August 14, 2004

American Psycho 2


[Chorus - B-Real]

I'm a little bit off the chain, you can call me insane, but the fact remains . That I'm a psycho . Better get it through your brain, when you say my name, never say it in vain . Cause I'm a psycho .

[Verse 1 - Swift]

I'm a motherfuckin omen, I bow down to no man, I'll split a ***** open, Killing folks compulsive, a soldier wit a motive, scrotum big as boulders, I'll hold it then unload on you, put on poster, so everyone can notice who . Was focused on his pokin, they nose in our business, hopin that I don't come . Smoke 'em, No one knows my notions or emotions,I'm a vulture, Close to croakin any moment, and I know when, I could fuck the culture up, Probably rap, a maniac, wit anxiety attacks, I don't wanna chat, speak when. You spoken to, and I don't have to read a fuckin magazine or quoteable, to notice . What you hoes'll do

[Verse 2 - Kuniva]

We all soldiers, we move as a unit, we all roll up, show up at your residence . And light your front door up, get scared, life ain't fair, and I'm prepared to blast you . Just as fast as dre can say hell yeah, so watch what you say, cause it can happen. Either today or the next minute, i can draw the heater and spray and I'm dead

Serious, you could be dead period, end of story, I'm on your porch wit a gun and Your son sippin a forty, No one can hold me, I does it all by my lonely, Stomp your head while you awake, you'll be looking like gumby, Aftermath and Shady bitch . You can read it and weep, you see my poster in the hood for the G of the week

[Verse 3 - Bizzare]

They found Saddam, but they ain't gonna find me, I'll be under a tree, In Buttfuck Tennessee, and I don't know too much about my daddy, Except he spit in my face and fucked me in my fanny, I ain't a racist . I just hate whites, fags and dykes, blacks and transvestites, 13 years old . And joined a fucking gang, hair under my ass cheeks feeling the fucking pain . Am I insane?, who really knows, cause any second my temper can fucking . Blow, I get colder than december, black the fuck out, tomorrow won't even remember. See Bizzare can show what violence is all about, and this Dr. Dre beat done brought it . The fuck out, run in your house and put it in your mouth, and blow your brains the fuck out

[Verse 4 - Eminem]

I probably got a screw loose or two or maybe three or four of 'em, some fell out and hit the floor, All I know is ever since my fuckin head hit the snowbank, been a little niandrotholic, no thanks to , My man D' Angelo Baily,but I just take it slow daily, my biggest delierence, tryin to figure whether . To use the flat head or the phillips, or just go to the Home Depot, and pick the new power drill up, Gives me two hours and 6 days and I'm still up, I feel like I'm about to snap and minute, there's a new . Tower Records, I'm bout to stop and get a fill-up, pick the new Cypress Hill up, and go find who did. That shit to Xzibit, and go fill up a whole liquor bottle wit piss and go shatter his fuckin lips wit it

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