Sunday, April 2, 2006

Heartattack in a Layby


I pull off the road
East of Baldock and Ashford
Feeling for my cell
In the light from the dashboard
Hissing from the road
The smell of rain in the air con
Maybe check the news
Or just put a tape on
Lighting up a smoke
I've got this feeling inside me
Don't feel too good
If I close my eyes
And fell asleep in this layby
Would it all subside
The fever pushing the day by
Motor window wind
I could do with some fresh air
Can't breathe too well
(She waits for me. Home waits for me.)
I guess I should go now
She's waiting to make up
To tell me she's sorry
And how much she missed me
I guess I'm just burnt out
I really should slow down
I'm perfectly fine but
I just need to lie down
We'll grow old together
We'll grow old together
We'll grow old together....

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