Wednesday, November 19, 2008

we will be back soon ...


Gorkem said...

In first times the site was great! and it was upgrading continuously but then this site passived for a long time , tell the truth I've worried because I like this site much.But I am happy now for see this.:)
I hope the website is to be better..and I think, banner of the website was excellent!

May it be easy...

belosem said...

سلام میثم جون
آهنگها رو چه کار کردی؟
مردیم از بی آهنگی
چند وقته آهنگ خونمون پایین اومده
یه کاری واسمون بکن تا نمردیم از کمبود موزیک

Anonymous said...

no puede sser es el mjor sitio parea escuchar buena musica

Anonymous said...

i don`t stend, wwwwhyyyyyy, this site was the best to near music

Anonymous said...

where have you gone and what have you done to the musics?please bring them back ASAP

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what happend?
Liked the songs you had posted with lyrics. Why the change?

Anonymous said...

I am happy and I am waiting .

Anonymous said...

I miss your site too. Come back and play with us soon.

Anonymous said...

Ey baba,montazerim zudtar bargardin.ahangaye ghabli ro ye moghe pak nakonina.merci.

j-sam: said...

finally ke doros shod!

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