Monday, December 29, 2008

Human Highway: The Sound

Got nothing left but it ain't bringin' me down
I'm just gonna follow the sound

And the sound is pleasing
When it sounds like it is breathing
There's no one around
To hear the notes falling down
Nobody seems to care
The feeling isn't there
Like it was all a bad dream
Now we're looking everywhere

You keep searching
You keep on searching

Got nothing left but it ain't bringin' me down
I'm just gonna follow the sound

That ringing in my ears
Oh whats that sound
It's the cold death knell
Of the big ships bell
See the strings unwound
See them lying on the ground
Can't pick up your guitar
Cause you've forgotten the sound

We'll keep searching
Keep on searching

Got nothing left but it ain't bringin' me down
I'm just gonna follow the sound


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