Saturday, March 14, 2009

Radiohead: Where I End And You Begin

There's a gap in between
There's a gap where we meet
Where I end and you begin

And I'm sorry for us
The dinosaurs roam the earth
The sky turns green
Where I end and you begin

I am up in the clouds
I am up in the clouds
And I can't and I can't come down

I can watch and not take part
Where I end and where you start
Where you, you left me alone
You left me alone

X will now mark the place
Like the parting of the waves
Like a house falling in the sea
Into the sea

I will eat you alive (x4)
There'll be no more lies (x4)

I will eat you alive (x4)
There'll be no more lies (x4)

I will eat you alive (x3)


LT said...

definitely weird. and scary in a way that you feel you cannot get through to this person before s/he eats you alive! really like Radiohead. so crazy and so great!

LT said...

did I say Radiohead is amazing? this song takes me to this strange world where all the meanings change...hmmmm...what does "eat you alive" mean?

Anonymous said...

delam baraie no-words ghadimie tang shode , khakestari , hameie ahanga in gooshe ...

j-sam: said...

nowords ghadimie hamishe sar e jaaye khodesh hast o kaar mikone hanoozam: said...

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