Monday, May 11, 2009

Andrew Bird: The Water Jet Cilice

photo by bahar

i knew this one girl
drowned in her own curls
candy colored swirls
that never seemed to end

i could not comprehend
half what she said to me
so casually
all our tender ears would bend

tales of ritual self-torture
she's making you abort your
carefully laid plans
to make a final stand
rest the world to hand
scoreless victory for serendipity


Anonymous said...

من عاشق عکس هایی ام که میذاری تو وبلاگت.
حس نزدیکی باها شون دارم.
یه چند ماهی بود که خبری ازت نبود، خیلی خوشحالم که دوباره وبلاگتو فعال کردی

Sina said...

Kheili ghashnage,

made in me said...

la lalala la la la

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