Thursday, April 8, 2010

Neutral Milk Hotel: My Dreamgirl Don't Exist

my dream girl don't exist
and at the age of five she slit her wrists
she didn't know that i'de be hanging around
so her parents buried her in the ground
this day i can still hear the sound
of a life in outer space

my dream girl don't exist
it just you and i and this tv
and this illness seems to feel so strange
like a hench man that's about to hang
the moon, up like a ball and chain

and the weight is waiting off
feel the world so real and strung

my dream girl don't exist
just a photograph in a history book
and i beleive she had a voice and name
three children on the coast of maine
her life was in a hurricane
of love and real embrace

my dream girl don't exist
and at the age of five she slit her wrists
she didn't know that i'de be hanging around
so one day she took a strole to town
and walked infront of a greyhound
bound for new york central state

and the weight is waiting off
and the weight is waiting off
fell the world so real and strung
she know, and knows she knows
she'll never be afraid


Anonymous said...

Her hands and feet were tied;
She was five.
She thought she was going to die.
She flew away and tried to hide.

She thought she was going for a ride.
She was forty five.
She fought the pain;
She fought the grief.
She's finished with any kind of belief.

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