Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loney Dear: Airport Surroundings

Last Night I took my bike to the airport surroundings, I got caught by the lights, they were trembling in blue. And my skin was cool and my heart sang, and when I said to myself that I will never go down. When I got lost the last time, I wasn't feeling at all. I wasn't feeling at all. I wasn't doing no good. I had a hole in my heart. I had no blood to my head. Yes I was going so low that I was gonna give up.

And you, you were all that I wanted you were all that I wanted

I took the fastest way down when I surrendered this time, I wasn't feeling no good I took the easy way out. The last pain got away when I gave up myself, I bought a ticket to hell when I met up with you. I wasn't doing no good. I had no work to be done, and the money I earned wouldn't end up too soon. So I had the time to do wrong, I had the time to go on. I've got a hole in my head and a hole in my heart.

And you, you were all that I wanted. You were all that I wanted.


Anonymous said...

For the pain you caused me;
You have to pay

For the hole in my heart;
You have to pay

I ask no more.
I ask no less.

maedeh said...

a hole in head and mind
beautiful isn't

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