Monday, May 17, 2010

My friends, Franklin and Arya, have made it to the finals of the 2010 International UN Short Film Contest. They are only one step away from going to the White House and meeting Hillary Clinton to win the prize! they might save the princess too! But they need your votes! Please go to the page, go to "vote" section, look for "Democracy is Only the Beginning", and vote for the film! Please share this link with as many friends as you like and tell them to vote and share too! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hey, glad to know you're back!

...Silence, please... said...

Yes, I agree with the "anonymous"! :)

Anonymous said...

what happened to you???? i want my daily dose of music.wake uppppppppppppppp

Anonymous said...

i don't know what to listen,plsss give me some advisess!!!!....!!!!!

AMIMAN said...

dorud , AMIR hastam

1. 3 sale be in site sar mizanam
2. benezaram salighat fogh ol adast
3. ahang haee ro ke gharar dadi ro ba dial up ( 3kBps) download kardam
4. montazere ahang haye jadid triam ke gharar bedi
5. ma ( man o daeem o dostam o va ... ) to inja - iran - mishnasimet , behet eftekhar mikonim , chon to kasi hasti ke ma ro ba asar fogh ol adeye donya ashna kardi .
6. omidvaram hamishe mofagh bashi ,
7. bebakhshid ke hamishe enghadr sor atam paeen bude ke natunestam nazar bedam vali emruz bad az 1.5 sa"at talash tunestam bakhsh nazarat ro baz konam . :)

spring said...

manam harrooz miam be in page sar mizanam ta bebinam ye posti gozashte shode...ama manam naomid misham.....mese u.......:'(pls tanhamun nazar.......

AMIMAN said...

hi again ,

first of all , please update your blog !

secondary , i make my own blog , and i share your last post ,

best wishes for u and your nice friends .

Anonymous said...

paeez shode o man bargashtam shahri ke bayad tosh dars bekhunam,alan koli homesick am ,kole tabestooon azatun khabari nabud(man nemidonam shuma chan nafarin),delam gereft hanozam gereftas ye ahange khakestari vasamun bezar ya bezarin.plz plz plz.

Anonymous said...

Mayssam...where in the world are you?!!! I miss your posts....don't leave me/us hanging here....I cannot live without them.

Anonymous said...

bargarddddddd baba!

Anonymous said...

ey baba oumadam bebinam up kardi ya na !

engar javabam 'na' hast !

Anonymous said...


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